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Solo Ads are a highly reliable traffic source when you need warmed and pre-qualified, targeted traffic to promote your business, network marketing program or make money online affiliate offers. Problem is, most solo ad vendors promote  traffic that cannot pass the UDIMI filtered clicks test or costs an arm and a leg, leaving you strung high and dry before you can even realize a positive ROI!
What iare UDIMI's Solo Ad Vendors Filtered clicks, we hear you ask? UDIMI is a marketplace for selling solo ads. To qualify as a vendor on the platform, one needs to have Top quality traffic that passes the stringent test on the platform. We have an A1 rating on the platform.

Before buying solo ads, you should ask the seller if their traffic passes UDIMI's filtered clicks test, and should they claim yes, ask them to show you their profile and rating on the platform!

We believe you might have found the holy grail of solo ads - Exclusively Tier 1 traffic, (ask for 100% US Traffic Only should you so desire) all at a never heard of CPC that's guaranteed to leave you wanting more traffic and experience more conversions.

Ready to become a believer?

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  • Lowest Rate of Filtered Clicks on UDIMI!
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Hi, I'm Renya. At High Income (Solo Ads) Academy, we pride ourselves in offering the BEST Solo Ads traffic on the Market.  Whilst other vendors charge an arm and a leg for premium T1 traffic, we believe in offering the Creme-de la Creme of T1 Traffic  - (US ONLY Traffic) at prices that will  question how you've been conducting your email marketing strategy all along!

Market disruption's about offering a far superior service or product designed to satisfy the buyer's needs at prices that'll keep buyers / customers coming back for more!

What exactly are Solo Ads?

Solo ads marketing's literally email marketing at its finest.

At the heart of email marketing, is a vast network of solo ad vendors, each with varying sizes of email subscriber lists. Each marketer has spent considerable time and money in building and nurturing their relationship with their respective email lists. As such, subscribers have come to trust each email they receive from the marketers whose emails they're subscribed to.

You as a buyer of solo ads are simply purchasing "the rights" to have your marketing message sent via email to a marketers' email lists for a fee, usually charged at a CPC (Cost per click) rate.

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The beauty of solo ads is that, when you buy a solo ad through a marketer, only YOUR offer is the sole promotion in that email. It is therefore in your best interest as a buyer, to have a good landing page where you can collect names and or just email addresses of your prospective subscribers. Once the marketers' subscribers join your email list, they're now YOUR subscribers you can create a relationship with and market your own products and as an affiliate.

 Bear in mind, subscribers join multiple email lists at any given time - and the most successful affiliate marketers are those that create lasting and trusting relationships with their lists.

Gone are the days of flogging a dead horse to your list in the hope that they'll hastily whip out their credit cards and purchase whatever you may be promoting.

Your email list's the most valuable asset you as a marketer will ever own, so treat it with care and with the utmost respect your subscribers deserve!
Looking for quality solo ads traffic? Welcome aboard!

Perfect for Work From Home Business Niches!

Our email subscribers are highly responsive to the following niches..

Work-from-Home Businesses

Online Business Offers

MLM Offers

Affiliate Marketing

What Comes Standard  With Our Service..

Fresh Leads

300+ Fresh solo ad leads added to our lists daily through social media and ppc advertising


Free funnel optimization for better conversions.

Tracking Software

You get your own tracking link to track performance and quality of traffic in real time!

Extra Bonus

We overdeliver clicks by up to 10% to all our customers

100% US Only Traffic

100% Premium US Based Soload Leads, regardless of the package you purchase

High Quality Clicks

No Exit or Bot Traffic and definitely No Fake Clicks

What Our Customers Say..

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Don't Hesitate, Our Email Subscribers Are Waiting To Read Your Offers! Let's Start Now!



Only $65 ($0.65 per click)


  • High Quality Traffic
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  • 10% Over-delivery



Only $120 ($0.60 per click)


  • High Quality Traffic
  • 100% US Traffic
  • 100% US Traffic
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  • 10% Over-delivery



Only $225 ($0.55 per click)


  • High Quality Traffic
  • 100% US Traffic
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  • 10% Over-delivery



Only $500 ($0.50 per click)


  • High Quality Traffic
  • 100% US Traffic
  • 100% US Traffic
  • Stats Link Included
  • 10% Over-delivery

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Upon completing your payment, you'll receive email from us requesting the URL you would like to promote, including email copy (optional). We'll then discuss your objectives as part of our onboarding process. Thank You 

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Together with my husband - George Feelgood, we run highIncomeAcademy as the best solo ad vendors site that offers you the best warmed-up email marketing traffic there is on the market. We spend copious amounts of time researching sources of traffic, we vet that traffic against multiple factors then, when we're completely satisfied of the traffic, we onboard it with our own newsletters and determine how responsive those subscribers are.

Those subscribers who do not meet this process are immediately expunged from our lists, leaving only the most responsive lists suitable for you, our valued customer.

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